How to obtain a quote for an upcoming project from Bell Stainless.

Here are some tips to speed up the process and help the cost remain as low as possible:

1) Send an email outlining what you'd like quoted to - emails are an easy way to send details (and accompanying info like photos) for your quote, but more importantly they're also much easier to track as time goes by than other forms of communication. Make sure to include your full name, the name of the entity we're quoting for (if that's different to your name), and a contact phone number incase we have questions. Remember to include a date and / or time you need the quote by if it's relevant.

2) Show us drawings (or sketches) with dimensions - these don't have to be CAD drawings, just something so we can visualise from different angles what it is you've got in mind. Keep in mind the more precise your information is for us to quote from, the less we have to guess. When we're presented with only half the story and there's more than one way for the item to be fabricated (as there usually is), we have to work with worst case scenarios to make sure we've covered everything. This may end up being much more costly than necessary if we'd had all the details to begin with - however, if for example we're quoting a kitchen benchtop, then we don't need the entire suite of drawings for the whole project OR at least tell us in the email where to find the item/s you want quoted.

3) We are not cabinetmakers - we'll help where we can, but if for example you're wanting a quote on an entire new kitchen, you may need to spend some time with a cabinetmaker first. They'll talk you through sizings of bench/s, appliances andwalkways, etc, and may give you drawings that we can work from to quote the benchtops - remember to tell your cabinetmaker if you're planning to get the top/s by someone else.

4) We are also not engineers - if for example you're wanting a quote on a single stringer spiral staircase, or a cantilevered balcony with a pool in it, or something else that needs certification, you're going to have to get an engineer involved. Once the resulting plans have been approved we'll generally be happy to provide a quote to buildour part.

Once we've got all the information we need put a quote together we'll endeavour to get it to you ASAP. We'll generally email a written quote that's valid for 30 days back to the email address you sent it from.

Please keep in mind we do reserve the right to decline a quote request if we feel the project isn't in line with our company's interests.