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Fabrication and welding

Our team have a wide range of experience with different materials, and copper is certainly no exception.

We have multiple tradesmen with dual certification for sheetmetal (typically working with material up to 3mm thick) and boilermaking (typically working with material from 3mm upwards). They've also achieved additional welding tickets to cover welds on material up to 10mm thick.

Since the mid 1990's we've had a very strong training program, which is why so many fabrication shops in the area are either owned or managed by personnel trained by us.

Workshop or on-site

While the majority of cutting, and certainly any folding or rolling of copper material would likely be done in our workshop, our personnel are all used to working on jobsites, whether they're residential or commercial sites.

Welding joins in most copper items can be performed without risk of damage to surrounding surfaces, and since TIG welding doesn't produce splatter the chance of damage from hot particles is extremely low. So L-shaped or even U-shaped benchtops are no problem, even if the dimensions of the benchtop are too big for transporting in one piece.